Visconti Fountain Pen Unita D’Italia (Unity of Italy)


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Visconti Unita D’Italia (Unity of Italy) Fountain Pen

To celebrate the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of the Unity of Italy, Visconti has designed this special edition writing instrument. The Unita D’Italia borrows the 36-faceted shape of Visconti’s Michelangelo along with the magnetic closure and presents a large engraved ring along the bottom of the cap. This band was then enameled with the colors of the Italian flag: red, white and green. The pen also features the dates 1861-2011, recalling March 17, 1861, when Vitorio Emanuele II was appointed King of Italy. Palladium trim complements the rich black color of the natural resin. This fountain pen uses a convertor and is equipped with a 23kt palladium nib available in F, M, or B. The pen comes in its own special presentation box.

The MSRP on the Visconti Unita D’Italia Fountain Pen is $495

Trim Color Silver
Weight 31-35 Grams
Length 136 - 140 mm
Diameter 12.1 -14 mm
Nib grade -Fine, -Medium, Broad
Nib content 23kt Palladium Dreamtouch
Filling System Cartridge Convertor/Cartridge
Material Acrylic/ Resin
Type Fountain Pen
Color All Black, Black
Nib size #4 size
Condition New
Brand Visconti