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Delta Dolce Vita Prodigio, Limited Edition Celluloid Oversized Piston Filler


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Up for sale is the Delta Dolce Vita Prodigio. The Edition is sold out, except for the #1/25 pen. The next Dolce Vita or the Prodigy of the Dolce Vita… As just like any other prodigy, it can sometimes out shine the original…

This pen is a Limited Edition pen. Limited to 25 pens in silver and 25 pens in Vermeil gold. A Pentime.com and Chatterley Pen exclusive.

Its based off of the Delta Dolce Vita oversize, but instead of being a Cartridge converter/Eyedropper. Its the first OS Piston filler. Its made out of striated light brown true celluloid.

They are fit with 18k oversized solid gold nibs.

The MSRP on the regular Dolce Vita Oversized with resin and Converter is now $695, so comparably this pen has value…

The last two pictures are the pen compared to a Montblanc 149.


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