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Flash Sale – Taccia Limited Edition Nature Reserve Aquatic Coral Sea Fountain Pen

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Flash Sale – Taccia Limited Edition Nature Reserve Aquatic Coral Sea Fountain Pen

Taking inspiration from nature, in all its forms, is something we at TACCIA have always believed in. Observations of nature’s beauty, harmony, and simplicity ground our thoughts and feelings. To honor this, we present the TACCIA Nature Reserve LE™ Series – each collection a distillation of our world’s great plants and species into a handmade writing instrument.
As part of the TACCIA Nature Reserve LE™ Series, the TACCIA Aquatic LE™ Collection receives its influence from one of our great seafaring animals – the stingray. A textured, flecked, stingray-like Urushi surface gives way to undulating patterns of a solid custom lacquer below.
Each Aquatic LE™ piece undergoes a meticulous hand-crafted process. Our artist, based in Japan, the center of the Maki-E world, mixes a baked Wajima earth with Urushi lacquer to bring out the Aquatic LE™ unique three-dimensional texture. The lacquer is applied and processed onto raw ebonite barrels, and then scrupulously sanded by hand to produce the final piece. Each Aquatic LE™ piece requires months of lacquer and handwork.
The TACCIA Aquatic LE™ is limited to 50 pieces, in fountain pen with 14k gold nib. The series is available in two patterns: Coral Sea and Sapphire River. Retail price is at $1,795 each.

These pens are fitted with Specialty made nibs by Sailor.


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