Jean Pierre Lepin Cybergraph Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen


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Jean Pierre Lepin Cybergraph Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen

This pen is lovingly used and has some micro scratches on it. It is equipped with a Medium nib. The box it comes with does have some damage. We will ship the pen with its box, but buy this for the pen and not having it complete with its box. This is a really amazing pen.

The Cybergraph 2000 was designed to mark the end of the century and commemorate the beginning of the new Millennium. The design is asymmetric with a lowered center of gravity to eliminate rolling when set down. The ink-holder is not incorporated inside the pen which does not require the nib to be dipped in the ink bottle. Lepine developed an external holder to suck ink from an ink-bottle then screwed into place which allows the ink to be injected into the pen. The cap lock securely to the pen by means of extensible ball-bearings, and fits to the body by a rounded chamfer. The words”JPL Planet” can be seen inside the sidelight.

Technology has be adapted to the design, and the design has not been compromised in the name of thechnology. All of this is a result of many months spent in the workshop researching, testing and perfecting CYBERGRAPH.

The pen is manufactured from blocks of solid material, machined, polished and assembled by hand in the workshop of Jean Pierre Lepine in France.

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