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Marlen Aleph Fountain Pen


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Marlen Aleph Fountain Pen

This pen has been lovingly used.  It comes complete with a box.  It is equipped with a 14k flex nib. 

Marlen Aleph Fountain Pen Marlen Aleph Fountain Pen

Made by Marlen in Italy.

Crafted in Italian black and grey resin, this pens claim to fame is the unique nib. No fine, medium or broad points because the Marlen Aleph comes with all 3. With simple and deliberate pressure the nib flexes to the users own handwriting. Light or no pressure gives a crisp extra-fine or fine line, and as pressure increases the writing line opens giving the writer a beautiful display of expressive handwriting. Filling is simple with a built in piston, ink capacity is large for extended periods of writing or when you just don’t want to stop.

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