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Namiki by Pilot Nippon Art Golden Pheasant Fountain Pen


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Namiki by Pilot Nippon Art Golden Pheasant Fountain Pen

This Namiki maki-e fountain pen was created by a collaboration of maki-e artists (Kokkokai) in Japan. The Nippon Art collection features the Hira Maki-e technique (flat maki-e), depicting a golden pheasant.

The Hira-maki-e technique, a process where very fine gold dust and pigment is sprinkled over wet urushi resin, is used for this pen. The deep black lacquer background forms a base for these applied colors.

Namiki Maki-e fountain pens encompass the ultimate fusion
of skill and spirit inherited from their predecessors, and also the roots of PILOT.
Over many years to the present day, they are one of the top brands in Maki-e fountain pens conveying Japanese traditional culture.

Lacquering, drawing, sprinkling and polishing. In order to bring out a beautiful, fine Maki-e, these 4 processes are repeated many times over.  More than 3 months are required until completion, with some Maki-e fountain pens being completed after going through the process as much as 130 times.

This pen employs a cartridge/convertor filling system.  It house an 14k gold nib.

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