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Omas Arte Italiano Limited Edition 90th Anniversary “Old Style” Paragons Celluloid in Radica (Burlwood), Saft Green and Scarlet

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Omas Arte Italiano Limited Edition 90th Anniversary “Old Style” Paragons Celluloid in Radica (Burlwood), Saft Green and Scarlet


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Exactly 90 years ago, on June 15, 1925, Armando Simoni founded in Bologna Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni.

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Thus was made OMAS, workshop that would become in later years one of the most significant expressions of “made in Italy” and prestigious player of high-end writing instruments.

The set celebrating the 90th Anniversary dedicated to Armando Simoni, has been therefore made with the same passion of our Founder.

Created by hand entirely in celluloid, the set is composed by 3 The Paragon Vintage piston filling fountain pens, designed by Armando Simoni in 1931.

The Saft Green celluloid with its Fine nib, the Scarlet Red celluloid with its 18K Gold nib in Medium size and the celluloid Radica with its 14K Gold Extra Flexible nib in Fine size, are decorated by the exclusive engraving on the nib representing the 90th Anniversary logo.

The exclusive Limited and Numbered 90 Sets are enriched, for the first time, by 9 rings pinched by hands, placed to celebrate the nine decades of history.

Available in silver finish with odd numbers and gold trim with even numbers, the Set “Cavalier Armando Simoni” will be available from March 2015.

Perceived as a natural extension of our hand, the fountain pen manages more than any other writing instruments to give form to our thoughts with a personal touch, making mirroring in ourselves, in our intuitions as in our mistakes.

The fountain, by its nature, forces us to think more about what we write, so it makes us write better.

Demands more time by ourselves and for ourselves…

The fountain pen is the ideal writing instrument to give life to our ideas, even drafts of an on-going project.

For this reason OMAS offers 20 different nib sizes, so that everyone can find the writing style that best suits his personality.

Therefore the handwriting becomes an experience to live that can enrich us, complementary to other methods of more modern writing styles.

The same experience that we want to share with all passionate of fountain pen.

For this reason today, after 90 years and despite the radical changes of the relationship between man and writing, the way we create writing instruments has always remained the same…

Feed your brain, write by hands, and leave your sign!

The MSRP on the set is $2995. We are offering them as a set, as well as separate.

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