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Omas Brown Bronze Arco Celluloid Limited Edition Old Style Paragon Fountain Pen with Rose Gold Trim

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Omas Fountain Pen Limited Edition Brown Bronze Arco Celluloid Paragon with Rose Gold Trim

This pen has long been sold out, but this pen was offered to us directly shipped from Omas. This pen was a prototype that was never sent to a distributor. Before a pen is released to the public they create 5-10 prototype pens to send to distributors worldwide. Many times the samples are not working pens. This pen was never sent out to a distributor as the parts were made, but never constructed. So what you are getting is essentially a prototype. But, brand new, just made even though its long after the edition has sold out. 

Omas has presented another addition to their long line of Omas Old Style Paragon Fountain pens. This pen features the fit and finish of the fine Italian quality that has made Omas a world wide name in fine writing instruments. The fine mix that they have presented in their Rose Gold trim is very visually appealing.

This style of pen, with the light weight celluloid and subtle trims, is an excellent user grade pen. The Omas old style paragon fountain pen presents class and taste, and a visual delight to all those who take a minute to look at the way the celluloid shines and in the different light angles the sheen of the pen really pops.

These pens are piston filler and are fitted with 18kt gold nibs in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad nib grades. Also available are the nib grades of Extra Fine Flexible, Fine Flexible, and Medium Flexible; these nib grades are accomplished with a 14kt gold nib. The nibs on the Bronze Arco Celluloid fountain pen is finished with a plating that matches the trim perfectly.

The “Arte Italiana Collection” is a tribute to the original twelve faceted model designed by Armando Simoni in 1930, made with modern materials and finish. Omas is based in Bologna Italy. The design resembles a twelve sided Doric column, and provide a precise grip to enhance the pleasure of writing. The Arte Italiana Collection is the perfect combination of refinement and practicality.

This version of the Arte Italiana collection is available in Brown, also called Bronze, Arco Celluloid with either silver, gold, or rose gold trims.


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