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Platinum Izumo Raden Galaxy Fountain Pen Down Payment For MF


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Platinum Izumo Raden Galaxy Fountain Pen

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Izumo Raden “Galaxy”

The “Izumo” brand of Platinum Pen is one of the ultimate version of traditional Japanese techniques. The fountain pen “Galaxy” is the voluminous “Izumo” body which is generously sprinkled with Raden (mother-of-pearl).

The universe in your hand. First the ebony body is shaped and carved. Urushi nuri (Japanese lacquer) is applied, and finely crushed mother-of-pearl is placed for the reflection of light. After about 6 months of lacquering, drying, and polishing, the “Galaxy” where countless stars emerge from jet black is born.

What is Raden

A decorative technique commonly used for the traditional crafts such as lacquerware. The inside of the shell, the part of the nacre with iridescent luster, is cut out in a plate shape. The technique of pasting on Urushi lacquer or wood, fitting it on the carved surface, and the crafts made using this Maki-e technique. This technique has been widely used for furnishing, accessories, and sword fittings since ancient times.

This pen nib has an exquisite, delicate feel and a responsive touch, ensuring beautiful handwriting regardless of the pressure applied while writing. After nearly a century of experience producing high-end writing instruments, Platinum Pen created the nib designed with a slightly harder and moderate resistance. This nib is suited to heavy-handed writers, as well as those with a delicate touch.

The origin of the name “Izumo”

Japan has its pride in its four distinct seasons. All with an intent to live in harmony with nature while creating and developing a rich culture with the beliefs in the presences of gods in nature. Since the dawn of time, it has been believed that the gods reside in all things and that there is a common ground where the gods throughout Japan gather together once a year. This is “Izumo”, a great influence over the structure of Japan and the heart of its people, thus contributing to the prosperity of the city.

The word “Izumo”, which expresses the many-layered cloud formations rising vigorously to the sky, had been handed down to the present day. “Izumo” also expresses the idea of progress and creation.

Based on such an idea, Platinum Pen created a highly original luxury writing instruments brand named “Izumo”with the best intent of expressing the wonderful Japanese traditional art and the quality material, to be passed on to the future generation. The company founder Shunichi Nakata was born in Izumo city, the city in Shimaneprefecture in Japan where “IzumoTaisha” Shurine is. The magnificent influence of nature and a mysterious history exist. Derived from such fact, the “Izumo” series was created with the best wishes of obtaining the momentum of clouds rising to the heaven.

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