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Scribo Feel Due Sorelle Ebonite Fountain Pen


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Scribo Feel Due Sorelle Fountain Pen

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The Conero Riviera is a pearl of the Adriatic coast of central Italy.

A promontory with sinuous shapes drawn by the winds gives its name to this area of the Marche region: Monte Conero.

Among the unforgettable beaches set in the rock and dominated by unspoiled nature and small villages where you can breathe art and culture, the Due Sorelle beach stands out, closed on the north side by two stacks, called “The Two Sisters”. This characteristic cove can now be reached by sea or through a footpath and is not equipped with services to keep it as natural as possible.

In the same way, the Sassi Neri beach, so called because of the dark rocks of its seabed, is a free and unspoiled beach of pebbles, gravel and rock, reachable by sea or on foot from the nearby beach, suitable for those who love to enjoy the sea and nature in complete tranquility and autonomy.

The Conero Riviera is therefore a stretch of coast full of dozens of beaches surrounded by rock and lush vegetation, which can be reached by sea or through paths and numerous cities rich in history and traditions.

Also for these reasons, in 2018, the Marche region opened the procedures for the recognition of the Conero Riviera as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our trip to the Conero Riviera inspires the colours and shades of our new three FEEL, made entirely of ebonite. FEEL Monte Conero is made of brown/greenish ebonite with yellow gold trim; FEEL Due Sorelle in bluish ebonite is adorned with platinum finishes and finally FEEL Sassi Neri, embellished with yellow gold finishes, is made of black ebonite with multicolor inserts.

The particular texture of ebonite, a material used for over a century to make fountain pens, makes each specimen unique for the variety of colors that changes for each fountain pen.

The three FEEL of the ebonite collection are made in 90 pieces per model.

“To unpathed waters, undreamed shores”

William Shakespeare

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