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ST Dupont Magic Wishes Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen


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Magic Wishes refers to one of the famous tales of one Thousand and One Nights: Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp. This tale is imbued with a beauty, poetry and mystery that fill the happy mortal who dares to read it with emotion and pleasure. S.T.Dupont pays homage to this wonderful tale with this limited edition, which represents the plumes of smoke and the appearance of the genie, in black placed lacquer adorned with silver powder, all enhanced by a luxurious palladium finish.

This limited edition is made of one Ligne 2 lighter and three Olympio Large pens: a fountain pen, a roller and a ballpoint. These items are numbered out of 888

A very sophisticated black placed lacquer representing the plumes of smoke, coming out of the magic lamp. The mirror polished palladium conveys luxury and mystery. Silver powder ornaments the black lacquer.The lighter and pen are numbered out of 888, as 8is a number that is believed to bring good luck in the Chinese culture.

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