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Visconti Fountain Pen Pininfarina Nanotech Limited Edition


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Visconti Fountain Pen Pininfarina Nanotech Limited Edition


Visconti Fountain Pen Pininfarina Nanotech Limited Edition Visconti Fountain Pen Pininfarina Nanotech Limited Edition Visconti Fountain Pen Pininfarina Nanotech Limited Edition Visconti Fountain Pen Pininfarina Nanotech Limited Edition

Visconti once again teams up with Pininfarina, one of the world’s most renowned designers, famous above all for designing cars such as Ferrari and Maserati, to develop and launch the new Pininfarina Nanotech. Together they have once again pushed the boundaries of writing technology:

  • Made from one of the most unique and innovative materials ever used to make a writing instrument! A new material subjected to diffusion-based  carbon Nanotube technology! Making it strong, lightweight and almost impossible to remove.  The material  is so strong that is used by leading formula one teams including Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes.
  • The new chromium 18 SOFT TOUCH tubular nib, offers improved flexibility and memory
  • The newly improved magnetic closure system, helps make the pen easier to clean and easier to refill


Designed by Pininfarina, engineered and crafted by Visconti, the Pininfarina Nanotech is equipped with innovative technical solutions that emphasize its unique style:

  • The rotating nib extraction mechanism
  • The airtight housing system that opens and closes automatically
  • The pens case, which echoes the pen’s  retractable mechanism, not only holds the pen but also has all the makings of a fully-fledged work of modern sculpture.


Nanotech Technology

All designers dream of being able to work with a light metal whose specific weight is one-third that of steel while having better resistance to corrosion than even the best stainless steel and greater resistance to abrasive wear than even hardened steel. If a material with those specifications really did exist, all mechanical engineering projects would undergo radical improvement. This would drastically reduce the material’s weight (65% less than steel) without forgoing excellence in its mechanical properties. Well this extraordinary material has recently been invented.  It consists of aeronautical avional treated with carbon nanotubes and silver ions, and Visconti has perfected the formula in nanotechnology, expertly tailoring it to the requirements of writing. Nanotechnology is a branch of applied science and technology concerned with controlling material on a dimensional scale of less than one micrometre (one-millionth of a metre).

The Pininfarina Nanotech material has some incredible properties:

  • Six times tougher than aluminum and twice as tough as steel.
  • It’s resistance to corrosion is twenty times more resistant than any other metal.
  • Because it’s a heat conductor, it’s able to absorb heat and re-emit it with ultra-infrared waves, allowing an exquisite level of writing comfort.
  • It has an outstanding antibacterial capability, giving it an exceptional hygiene safety level.
  • Due to the pen’s attrition-rate coefficient and fully- coated, self-lubricating mechanism, the writing experience will remain comfortable for years.

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