Visconti Limited Edition Jung Alchemy Fountain Pen




Visconti Alchemy Fountain Pen

The Alchemy was inspired by the ideas of dualism. This fountain pen has two ends that allow you to write in two different ink colors and two different nib sizes.

The red resin barrel has two separate reservoirs that are filled with an eyedropper. Each half is over-layed in silver and gold plate engraved with symbolic elements of the Alchemy philosophy.

Visconti-Alchemy-Fountain-Pen-with-Inkwell Visconti-Alchemy-in-inkwell Visconti-Alchemy-in-Stand Visconti-Alchemy3 Visconti-Alchemy-Limited-Edition-Fountain-Pen Visconti-Alchemy-Fountain-Pen2 Visconti-Alchemy-Pen2 Visconti-Alchemy-Fountain-Pen3 Visconti-Alchemy Visconti-Alchemy-Fountain-Pen

The pen is suspended magnetically inside a display with two dragons forming a circle of life. The dragon circle is held vertically by the large, cone-shaped crystal inkwell. This fountain pen is limited to 1,038 pieces worldwide.

The pen comes fitted with 23kt palladium nibs.

This pen is currently fitted with a Medium and Stub nib. If you would prefer different nib grades on the pen, contact us directly at to see what nib grades we have in stock, or if you are happy with the Medium and Fine nib on the pen, then it is ready for you.

This pen has an Manufacturers suggested retail price of $4,950

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Weight 11 lbs
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