Chatterley/ Montegrappa Extra Otto Marmo (Marble) Black Velvet Limited Edition Fountain Pen




Chatterley/ Montegrappa Extra Otto Marmo (Marble) Black Velvet Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Introducing the Montegrappa for Chatterley Extra Otto Marmo (Marble) Black Velvet Limited Edition Fountain Pen. This Otto is made from amazing natural Black Marble.

We designed this pen last year pre-covid when we visited Montegrappa in Bassano Del Grappa and Ive been patiently waiting for them ever since.

The cutting process for the Marble is exactly the same as is the Sapphire (lapis) pen. They use the most stable parts of the marble and then turn them as they do the normal Otto. Their process makes the pen very stable and suitable for pens that can be used every day.

-Sterling trim with rose gold vermeil plating

-In House Piston Filling system

-Oversized #8 18k nibs, finely engraved

-Ebonite Feed

-Limited to only 20 Pens worldwide

-It comes in an Italian Made inlayed box made in Sorrento Italy. Known for inlayed wood. 

“Chatterley Founders Club” price available. On specific Chatterley Designed, Collaborations or Exclusives we will be offering a special price for anyone who has previously bought any Chatterley Collaboration/exclusives from us. Just email us at to let us know when and what Chatterley pen you purchased from us to get the Founders Price.

Below are group pictures of all three Ottos we commissioned at the same time.
Among the many signature details of Montegrappa products, including the pocket clip with roller for easy ingress to and egress from pockets, the octagonal shape has long been a part of the Italian house’s design language. In 2012, the year of its centenary, Montegrappa revived the use of the eight-sided geometric shape that recurs throughout its designs.
Octagon now characterises numerous Montegrappa writing instruments, including the Reminiscence, the Privilege, the Symphony, the Emblema and the NeroUno. For 2014, the octagon has been applied to the most enduring of the company’s pen ranges: the Extra 1930.
In adapting an octagonal cross-section to the legendary Extra 1930, Montegrappa has created the Extra Otto. The octagon is the example of geometric perfection that has long provided Montegrappa with a timeless motif, one that also provides its own unique feel and level of comfort for writers who bond with their favourite pens.
Made of celluloid, the natural material that is employed in the manufacture of the finest pen barrels and caps.
All Extra Otto fountain pens are fitted with 18k gold nibs. The trim on all Extra Otto writing instruments is made from sterling silver, and Montegrappa’s signature octagonal motif is engraved on the cap’s band. Extra Otto’s clip, fitted with the company’s roller, also boasts its own secret: a red lacquer backing.

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Weight 3 lbs
Nib grade

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