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Chatterley Pens / Delta Dolce Vita Stantuffo Demonstrator Rose Gold Rings Fountain Pen #01/08


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This is the #01 of this limited edition.  This pen has been sold out for some time now, and this is an opportunity to get yours, brand new.
Simplicity can be beautiful.
This is the concept captured in this pen.These are not easy to produce, however they are very easy on the eyes. The cap  and body is turned by hand from solid bars of transparent resin polished painstakingly in detail in both internal and outer surfaces.
It is complimented with rings in 925% solid sterling silver engraved by hand with an old Roman decor featured in old paintings from Pompeii. Then the rings are plated in Rose Gold.
The large 14 kt rose gold nib (#8)  is available in B and Stub grades. A special ebonite feed is mounted on the pen to enhance functionality. This pen fills with Deltas’ patented ratcheting piston system.
This collection is numbered to 8 worldwide.


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