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Montblanc Silver Overlay #2 Safety Filler with Fountain Pen


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Presented for sale here is a vintage Montblanc #2 Safety Filler Fountain Pen with a Sterling Silver Overlay.

This pen has the correct #2 nib, the nib is nice and flexible. Will be a beautiful writer if someone was so inclined. The overlay adds size to these pens. So even though this is a #2 which considered small by todays modern pens, the overlay adds size to it so its more like a #4-#6 sized pen.

The condition of this pen is Fantastic, The overlay is intact and the star is beautiful even though it does have some marks on it. The pen does have a name engraved on it. On the Barrel it says “Charlotte Havemeister”

The pen is fully restored by one of the most well known and respected restorers Osman Sümer.

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