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Flash Sale-Montegrappa Ferracina Timeless Oversized Lapis Celluloid Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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Montegrappa Ferracina Timeless Oversized Lapis Celluloid Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Dispense with time and lose yourself in the writing.

-Piston Filled

-Oversized #8 nib

-Ebonite Feed

-Oversized body

-Sterling Silver trim

MSRP $1995


Here is a comparison shot of the Shiny Circles version next to a Montegrappa Extra to show the size of this model.

Montegrappa’s Bartolomeo Ferracina reappears in a new guise. Precision engineering, sterling silver and a voluptuous celluloid body add up to timeless Italian quality. 

While Bartolomeo Ferracina’s clockmaking prowess made him a celebrity figure in 18th century Italy, his engineering genius helped transform Europe’s most prosperous region. The Ferracina Timeless dispenses with timekeeping, but continues a tradition of local engineering supremacy with deep roots.

The clockwork precision of Montegrappa’s proprietary piston-fill system is the hidden genius beneath the contoured celluloid exterior of the Ferracina Timeless. This reference-level complication uses a 32-tooth cog and haptic feedback to bring unparalleled exactness to the act of drawing ink.

Available in a numbered edition of only twenty pieces these intimately designed fountain pens feature an 8mm 18K gold nib with an ebonite feeder. Like the centuries-old designs that informed their creation, Ferracina Timeless delivers a blend of form and function that far exceeds its curvaceous charisma.


Immaculate mechanics

Venetian engineering supremacy is celebrated in a study of one of its most celebrated exponents. The legacy of Bartolomeo Ferracina (1692-1777) shaped Europe’s most prosperous region, and lives on in the satisfying precision of Montegrappa’s patented piston filling. For a lesser writing instrument, perfectly crafted precious metals and celluloid would suffice. But beauty is more than skin-deep…

Weight 3 lbs
Nib grade




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