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Omas Bologna Black and Gold Celluloid Fountain Pen


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Established in 1925, Omas is one of the most respected pen companies in the world. Each Omas pen is handcrafted to perfection. The Omas fountain pen embodies all the passion and expertise of skilled Omas craftsmen and is the result of a myriad of delicate operations. Over 100 stages are involved in the refinement of each Omas pen, from the initial cutting of the 18-carat gold leaf to rolling, trimming, and final shaping. In all, Omas uses only those solutions capable of ensuring exceptional quality in all its manufacturing and assembly operations. From the skilled hands of a craftsman to the eager hands of a writer, Omas pens are exquisite pieces of writing and jewelry.


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To celebrate their 80th anniversary, Omas introduces the Bologna Celluloid Collection, their first line to bear the name of the city where it all began. The Bologna represents Omas’ commitment to contemporary style and flawless functionality with its new design, a 14kt gold commemorative nib, and its extraordinary, colorful celluloid material.

The Omas Bologna Black Gold Celluloid Fountain Pen is a medium sized pen, with a piston filling system, featuring a beautiful large clip. These pens Normally came with a 14k gold fine nib. But I was able to have them upgraded to 18k nibs for no extra cost. The pens are is made from a snakeskin like celluloid. The MSRP on this pen is $795.

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