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Omas Extra Lucens Limited Edition Fountain Pen


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The OMAS Extra Lucens, created for the first time in 1936 by Armando Simoni, is among the most beautiful and elegant fountain pens ever made. The process, involved in producing each twelve facetted OMAS Extra Lucens pen, was long and complex, fully realized by skilled work and high precision machinery.

The models of the 1930’s are extremely rare and valuable, almost impossible for aficionados and collectors to find. OMAS pays homage to the original Extra Lucens model through a brand-new version, part of the Vintage Collection, the new series created for the first time in 2011, which is enriched every year with new Limited Editions inspired by the nearly one hundred years old OMAS history. Today, as in the past, the Extra Lucens is handmade and the process and machinery, designed by Armando Simoni, are just the same than in the 1930s. The shape is authentic and the celluloid inspired by the ones used in the first model of the 1930s. The black color shot with gold is full on the cap and transparent on the barrel. This makes an extremely refined style, emphasized by the yellow gold trim. The cap is embellished with three little rings and a black onyx wheel clip. The classic OMAS arrow drawing is engraved on the OM81 18K gold nib, the feeder is in ebonite, the historic material used to obtain an optimal ink flow. The barrel is personalized with the writing “OMAS Extra Lucens”, the numbering and the writing “Italy” are engraved on the cap. Numbered and Limited Edition made up of 331 piston filled fountain pens.

This is a limited edition pen, 331 pens worldwide with an MSRP of $1295. This pen is available in a stiff 18kt gold Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub and also available 14kt gold Extra Flessible Extra Fine, Fine or Medium nib grades.

This pen is constructed of celluloid, has a built in piston filling system and is based on the Old style paragon profile.

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