Omas Venice Carnivale Limited Edition Fountain Pen


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Omas Venice Carnivale Limited Edition Fountain Pen

This pen comes with small paper box, correct paperwork and the Mask.

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In 2003 Omas dedicated this pen to the Republic of Venice.  The “Emozioni di Carnevale” (Carnival Emotions) celebrates the art of Mardi Gras.

For the design of this pen, the artist looked to have a close relationship between the pen and the accompanying carnivale mask.  The streamers that curl around both the body of the pen and the face of the mask symbolize the evolution of life and writing.  Endless writing that tells the story of life.  Black and white for both, day and night.

Only the Venice Carnivale can create this type of emotion: radiant in the sun, magic in the night; joy, happiness, and culture like the cheerful zigzagging of the stroke, but also veiled melancholy as with all things that must come to an end.  The prestigious laquered body of the fountain pen, the refined upper cap inspired by the Orient and the glorious history of the Venetian Republic and the clip, that resembles the metal beak at the prow of a gondola.  Finally, there is the polished finish of the nib, decorated with the moon and a star, that reminds one of the glorious glaze that time has left on the pure gold found on so many Venetian churches and buildings.

The mask exquisitely designed and produced by a Venetian Master Craftsmen, remains loyal to historic manufacturing techniques thus making this object another collector’s item.

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