Retro 1951 Tornado Fortress Rollerball


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Retro 1951 Tornado Fortress Rollerball

This pen is pre-owned, but has never been used.  It comes complete with box and papers.

With its new Tribute Tornado pens, Retro 51 salutes our American heroes and their amazing achievements. Each Retro 51 Tornado Tribute Rollerball is finely crafted using multiple techniques to create its nostalgic design. ‘Fortress’ features a textured rivet-like finish that’s printed like the B-17 Flying Fortress bombers from WWII. ‘Tiger Shark’ has the same riveted surface and bears the historic WWII Flying Tigers shark face. ‘Apollo’ celebrates the 1969 moon landing and the Apollo space missions from 1961-1972.

Each Tribute pen is numbered on the top ring and comes in a custom-designed tube. The Tornado retractable rollerball has a twist-top mechanism. It can be switched to a ballpoint by replacing the rollerball with a ballpoint conversion refill (sold separately). Show your gratitude to the fliers whose bravery made this a better world.


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