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Stipula Faceted Etruria Pyrite Piston Limited Edition Fountain Pen #1/8


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Stipula Limited Edition Faceted Etruria Pyrite Piston Filled Fountain Pen

Out of a limited edition of 8 pens worldwide, we only have 1 left, all the rest have been sold out. The last one we have is #1/8 and it currently has a Stub nib on it. Other nibs are available and if you prefer a different nib grade please contact us at info@chatterleyluxuries.com to see if we have your nib selection in stock.

Stipula and Chatterley Pens continues to make their mark in the modern fountain pen world with the release of the Pyrite Piston Faceted fountain pen. The first faceted Etruria for Stipula was the mottled green and black celluloid pen that we had made for Chatterley Pens in 2012.

This pen was made in the Etruria style that has distinguished Stipula as a high quality pen manufacturer. The collaboration of the minds at Chatterley Pens and Stipula apply taste and style into to a blend of old world class and new age technology, producing high quality limited editions.

Crafted in Firenze, the faceted Etruria features 8 sides, and this version is made from a vibrant Pyrite resin, and accented brilliantly with solid sterling silver trim. The trim is highlighted with 6 rings around the cap, which is difficult to accomplish. This pen also has an in-house piston filling system.

The clip and trim is made of 925 sterling silver and the nib is made of 14kt gold. This resin was very limited and so we could only make a few of these pens, so it is a limited edition numbered to only 8 pens world wide, and is available in Fine, Medium, or 1.1 Stub.

Every one of these resins pens are a little different, so keep that in mind when buying it.

This pen is available with an Extra Fine, Extra Flexible nib. The nib goes from EF-BB with no problem. The nibs and Feeds have been modified to do this. The flow has also been adjusted. If you have never used a flex nib, its very wise to contact me first to see if a flex nib is for you. These nibs are beautiful to write with and can really add amazing character to your writing style, but the nibs are soft. This means, the room for error is less than a standard nib. And too much pressure, or too much pressure at the wrong angle can bend or spring tines.

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