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Stipula Suprema Nuda Fountain Pen


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Stipula Suprema Nuda Fountain Pen
Stipula Suprema Nuda Fountain Pen Stipula Suprema Nuda Fountain Pen Stipula Suprema Nuda Fountain Pen
Elegant, essential and unostentatious: these are the main characteristics of pens within the Stipula Classica line. They are designed for people who enjoy writing with traditional and high-quality products; they are designed for people who love pens whose beauty goes beyond fashion and time.
The Classica line features delicate and elegant forms, unpretentious and genuine. The materials are in accordance with those used traditionally with fountain pens: celluloid, ebonite, cellulose acetate and sterling silver. Uniquely handcrafted and finished, Stipula’s Classica line also includes limited edition writing instruments. Each piece is hand-turned and individually numbered.
The Suprema Nuda has been endowed with the latest engineering invention: the Torricelli Air Pump filling system. Using this special pump system, the air inside the chamber of the barrel is forced out through the channels in the nib feeder and therefore, allowing ink to completely fill the transparent body. The complete Suprema collection has brought back the classic, yet contemporary spirit to a timeless and ageless writing instrument.
The beauitul and smooth gliding 14K yellow gold nib is available on this model.
MSRP on the Stipula Suprema Nuda Limited Edition with 14k gold nib fountain pen is $895.00


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