Visconti Jacques De Molay

Visconti Jacques de Molay The Last Templar Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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Jacques de Molay The Last Templar

This pen has box and papers is 100% compare.

Exactly seven hundred years have elapsed since the death of Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templar.

Falsely accused of heresy, the order was suppressed in 1308, the knights imprisoned, tortured, slain, and their property confiscated. The Templars are renowned for the economic and cultural advances that they helped to spread throughout Europe, and are still held up today as shining examples of honesty, integrity and loyalty.

The pen is inspired by the Templars’ legendary white surcoat emblazoned with a red cross. The Templar helm, hauberk and crest are reproduced with the finesse of the goldsmith’s art. The Templars were a military order, thus the pen’s finish is inspired by appropriately aged steel and iron.


Technical Features:

Limited Edition of 700 fountain pens

Material: ivory resin


Trims: artistic antiqued filigree with gold netting

Filling System: Power Filler

Nib: 23 Kt. 950 Palladium

MSRP on the Fountain Pen is $3950

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