Visconti Limited Edition Speakeasy Fountain Pen

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Visconti Speakeasy Fountain Pen

This pen has been lovingly used.  The rotating mechanism on the section that let’s you personalize the alcohol contained in the flask is a bit stiff.  It comes complete with box and papers.  It is equipped with a 23k Palladium Fine nib.  It is number 91/1000.


During the roaring 20’s and 30’s, United States witnessed a major social upheaval and change: prohibition policies were the cause of an important domestic clash. “Speakeasies” was the definition representing those night clubs working on the edge of legality by selling alcoholic dreams in spite of the law.

Speakeasies represented a strong yearning for freedom. They also symbolized a cultural struggle, in the midst of the Belle Epoque, against sanctimony and conservatism. Inevitably, those who endorsed Free Will in all its forms, won and our society is definitely held up by principles of Freedom, Choice and Individual Decision. And today, this pen is one of Visconti’s tributes to such principles, as they think that one should always be free to decide; free will might be considered a dangerous tool, but in the end it’s the only mean to achieve progress, whose path is made of achievement as much as mistakes.

Talking of the pen, its body issues a sanitized container that holds a shot of its owner’s favorite liquor. The pen’s section sports a rotating mechanism which lets the user rotate a window showing the liquor’s presence and level. The Speakeasy is a limited edition fountain pen that counts only 1000 pieces. It’s made in a very peculiar polychromatic celluloid, which makes also a very precious item out of this writing tool. It comes equipped with Visconti’s patented Dreamtouch 23kt Palladium Nib. The pen comes in a luxury box that also contains a complementary Visconti hip flask.

Visconti Limited Edition Speakeasy Fountain Pen

This pen fills via cartridges.

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