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Chatterley Wahl Eversharp Decoband Gold Seal Oversized Limited Edition Demonstrator Fountain Pen with Ruthenium Trim


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Chatterley Wahl Eversharp Decoband Gold Seal Oversized Limited Edition Demonstrator Fountain Pen with Ruthenium Trim

(Thats a mouthful, LOL)

“Chatterley Founders Club” price available. On specific Chatterley Designed, Collaborations or Exclusives we will be offering a special price for anyone who has previously bought any Chatterley Collaboration/exclusives from us. Just email us at to let us know when and what Chatterley pen you purchased from us to get the Founders Price.


A new Limited Edition From Chatterley. The Wahl Decoband in Clear Resin. Limited and numbered to only 25 pens worldwide and a Chatterley Designed Exclusive.

The pens body, cap, section and cap finial are all made of clear resin. Unlike injection molded pens which almost all the other clear pens in the market, these are hand turned  and this makes them very difficult to make. 

 The parts prior to assembly are polished by using a polishing machine. But this only polishes the outside of the pen. So with 99% of the pens out there once this is done, there is just a final hand polish after assembly to ensure no scratches happen during assembly. But with the hand turned clear pens, this is not possible since they need to be polished on the inside. So every pen part has be hand polished on the inside, piece by meticulous piece. This is a very long process and makes these pens very unique. 

The trim on these are a Matte Ruthenium Black trim which is coated on the nib, clip, trims and Pneumatic filler. 

The nib also boasts a urushi Painted Red Ebonite Feed. These feeds can fade overtime with use so if you prefer to have just a black Ebonite Feed, let us know and we can swap it out for you. 

The WAHL-EVERSHARP Oversized DECOBAND pneumatic filling pen with SUPERFLEX  nib and 2.0ml ink capacity sets a new standard for beauty and elegance by recapturing the classic design first introduced in 1929…only bigger and better!

Dimensions: 150mm long 23mm diameter at clip; 18mm diameter barrel

Material: Hand Turned Clear Resin

Clip and trim:  Heavily Plated Rose Gold (Separate Listing) or Ruthenium Plated Roller Clip and trim

Nib:  Rose Gold (Separate Listing) or Ruthenium Plated 18K Solid Gold SUPERFLEX Personal Point ‘All-In-One’ nib ranges from fine to double broad by variable hand pressure 

Ink Filling System: One touch “Chilton Style” Pneumatic filling.  2.1ml capacity

Weight 2 lbs

Nib size


Filling System

Nib content

Trim Color

Nib grade


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