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Conway Stewart Limited Edition Valentines Fountain Pen


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Conway Stewart Valentines Fountain Pen Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Valentines fountain pen is a stylish expression of timeless love and devotion rendered in brilliant red and bright sterling silver.

Designed to marry classic British sterling silver with a modern crisp clean shape, the Valentines Fountain Pen brings the tradition of handwriting back to the modern paperless world in an elegant and stylish manner, it is the perfect gift for this romantic celebration.

The combination of elegant resin and solid sterling silver results in a fine writing instrument that is both practical and beautiful: carefully balanced to allow the large solid 18 carat gold nib to glide precisely across the paper with effortless ease, while still sized to fit neatly into pocket or purse. The Valentines Limited Edition brings a combination of passionate ruby red resin for the cap and barrel, elegantly engraved with classic love Sonnets from Shakespeare. The engraving forms a stylish abstract pattern when viewed at a distance; it is only on close examination that the timeless words of the Bard are revealed to the discerning eye.

This theme of timeless love and devotion are carried through with exclusive packaging, including a miniature book of Shakespeare Sonnets, a calligraphic copy of the Sonnets engraved on the pen, and a bottle of red Conway Stewart ink, perfect for writing a note to your loved one.  The Shakespeare Sonnets chosen for the Conway Stewart Valentines Edition include some of his most famous poems describing romance, the beauty of love, and it’s eternal nature. The impressive presentation box is a rich black with satin interior to showcase the Valentines fountain pen and it’s accessories.

The large solid 18 carat gold Conway Stewart nib at the heart of the Valentines fountain pen brings a new world of writing luxury to those who have grown accustomed to only e-mail. Delivering liquid ink from either cartridges or bottled ink via the included twist style converter, the Valentines Limited Edition makes even the simplest jotting of notes into a personal expression that stands out in today’s fast paced modern world.

Considered as a gift for your loved one, the Conway Stewart Valentines Edition is the perfect choice: both exclusive (limited to only 50 pieces world-wide) and luxurious, while at the same time being a practical everyday accessory that will bring a smile to the face of the recipient every day. Whether while using it to compose letters, jot a loving note, or even just admiring the subtle engraving of Shakespeare’s classic words of devotion along the cap and barrel, the Valentines Edition is sure to please!

MSRP on the Valentines Fountain Pen is $790.


Conway Stewart Valentines Fountain PenConway Stewart Valentines Fountain PenConway Stewart Valentines Fountain Pen

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