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Montblanc 246 with Music nib Fountain Pen


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Presented for sale here is a vintage Montblanc 246 Fountain Pen.

246s are not super uncommon. They were not as expensive as the 1XX line, not the as economical as the 3XX lines, but what makes this pen so interesting and dare I say “rare”, is the nib. It has an original Montblanc Music nib. So instead of having 2 tines, it has 3. This is very  uncommon, and in person Ive only ever seen one other and it was on a 244. The pen is also in great condition. No major issues, imprints are nice, no major brassing.
It fills via Piston Filler.

The pen is fully restored by one of the most well known and respected restorers Osman Sümer.

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